HQ Treatment


  • Give a role to Samsonite’s strong brand credentials within their HQ office
  • Develop the interior architecture of the building to align with the brand values and work practices
  • Both staff and visitors should feel a sense of pride and ownership in the Samsonite brand


  • Re-design of the interior spaces of the building including structural re-arrangment
  • Translation of brand values into the interior design and materials/equipment specified
  • Develop a motif by which the building’s users can be subtly aware of Samsonite’s brand whilst avoiding the approach of overuse of graphics, signage and messaging


  • Competing demands for space
  • Balancing the subtle depiction of the brand with the clear direction to instil Samsonite’s values in those using the building


  • Total refurbishment of the building, reorganising all work spaces from open plan to the Executive office suite
  • Harnessing the strong brand colour weaving through the corridors and rooms, the heritage story is told informatively throughout and by way of ‘hotspots’ showcasing iconic luggage pieces from the past to present day
  • Inclusion of a large cafeteria/restaurant with professional kitchen
  • Frameless glass walls allowed the simple grey tones frames the spaces


  • An elegant design that portrays the brand tenets whilst working in a way that is functional and practical, the HQ Treatment has proved popular with both staff and visitors alike