Brand & Technology Centre


  • Demonstrate Panasonic’s latest technology
  • Target a multi-sector audience
  • Accessible as a demo space and also for both internal and external training
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  • Create a space that accentuates the products whilst strongly framed by the brand and its heritage
  • Zonal division to showcase products relevant to the various market sectors
  • Ensure the design is capable for flexibility to cater for differences in use (e.g. entertainment vs training vs demo)
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  • Inclusion of large and small-scale technology within standard spatial parameters
  • Future-proofing the evolution of zones in catering for ever-developing products


  • Housed first at Pinewood studios and then at Panasonic HQ
  • Bold brand application with the incorporation of a heritage display
  • Themed sets within the sector zones to theatrically demonstrate the products
  • Constructing a narrative by creating a journey through the zones
  • Integration of lighting effects with the technology and moving-image to further bring to life the product offer
  • Bespoke modular system designed by SSG allowed flexibility for alterations in the inclusion of new products


  • Major impact during Panasonic’s role as main sponsor of London 2012 olympics
  • Ever-increasing volume of customer traffic through the current centre